The Life Book E Course.

This is a 3 month long e-course that will help you to create your very own Life Book. 

The Life Book, (aka The January Book) is a planning and review process my husband and I came up with 10 years ago. Through many years of trial and error we have designed a system that results in meaningful reflection and planning with heart; a system that really works. It guides you to find your big picture and create goals that help you get there, even in small ways. It’s all about making goals that feel good (rather than feel like punishments, all too familiar in the ‘new year, new you’ BS). It’s ultra adaptable to your life and circumstances; whether you work in a busy 9-5, part time from home; love or hate your career, or a mixture of all of the above. It works whether you’re in a relationship or not, whether you have kids or not.  It’s focus is holistic and looks at the whole; although if you want to laser down on a few key areas the system supports that too. 

It is both an individual and collaborative process. I have seen again and again, both in my relationship and in the relationships of previous January Bookers, that doing this process with your partner can lead to surprising and important discussions and can help you to be strategic not just about work but about your personal life too.

I’m not going to tell you what you should include or how you can craft a ‘perfect life’. I’m not a coach or a therapist. I’m a person who loves to write and journal, who loves to plan and reflect. I want to share this process with you and help you create your own plan, customised exactly to you and what you need and want; so you can create your very own Life Book. 

We first did this book in 2009, and over the following years we credit this process for being the basis for many of our mega life changing decisions-from having babies, to choosing again and again to work on our marriage. Career changes, coach hiring, health decisions, house moves, radical-seeming decisions to step back off the grind, choose self care, and health and family, make more time for play and joy.  So many things.

The system is effective because of how little we stop to just look at our lives. We get so caught up  in the details of our everyday that we forget to stick our heads up above the noise and just look at where we are against where we’d like to be. It’s so simple, yet so flippin’ powerful.

We have changed the name of it to “The Life Book” (although you’ll probably hear me speak about it interchangeably as “The January Book” too!) because this is about far more than January musings, this is a process to guide you throughout the whole year.  

***Early Bird offer: Get the e-course for £39.99 for one week only (ending on Wednesday 5th December ****

The Life Book E-Course
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The Life Book E-Course is for you if:

  • You want a tried and tested review process that holds your hand through looking back over key events in the last year; finding the learning and the stuff to celebrate. 

  • You want a tried and tested planning process that helps you to identify what really matters to you, what your big picture looks like and practical help in making achievable goals that feel great. 

  • You want to be part of an online community who are all working through the same process, to share ideas and inspiration with. 

  • You’re willing to set some decent chunks of time aside to work through the questions and prompts alone and where applicable with significant others too.

  • You want a combination of written and live and pre-recorded video content.

  • You would like 3 months of hand holding and gentle prompts to help you integrate the Life Book plans into your daily life. 

  • You’d like to learn how I use the Life Book and hear about how I integrate it with my journal and daily life.

Dave and I have condensed 10 years of learning into the guide; all the things we have tweaked and changed through the years to make it more effective, and we really hope it can be useful for some of you. Any questions, leave a comment or ping me an email or an Instagram DM and I will try my hardest to get back to you.

The E-Course Details:

The Facebook group will open on Wednesday 2nd January and the first module will begin on Monday 7th January.  It is open now for pre-sale, with a discount for one week, at £39.99, full price will be £45. 

In the E-Course, the process will be split up into manageable modules, with supporting videos for each one. There will be an accompanying closed Facebook group for members to share any questions or thoughts. During the course, I’ll show you parts of my own January Book and journal, something I have never done before. There will be prompts and questions and talking points, interviews with guests and a special warts and all session with both Dave and I where we’ll talk about the impact the January Book has had on our relationship.  I’ll  be sharing my favourite journalling prompts in the group too, and discussing lots of practical tips to keep momentum with The Life Book through the year. 

A pay what you can space

For every 20 spaces I will offer a pay what you can space to someone who doesn’t have the funds available to them, and specifically, someone who holds a marginalised identity (LGBTQIA+, black/POC, disabled, low-income, etc.) We trust your disclosure and won’t ask for any ‘proof’. If you're interested in taking us up on this, please email me.

Cancellation policy:

E-course spaces are non refundable and non transferable.

The Life Book E-Course
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FAQ’s (I will update these as the questions come in!)

Do I have to be on facebook?

The bulk of the information will also be emailed to you so it’s not a necessity, but you’ll get more value from the course if you’re able to join in with the conversation directly with me and others. 

Can people join anywhere in the world?

Yes. It’s an course so it’s open to everyone. You can catch up on videos and content at a time that works best for you. 

Are spaces refundable?

No, spaces are non refundable and non transferable. 

I’m single, how much of the course will focus on relationships?

The course is totally adaptable whatever your relationship status. I will be talking in part about my relationship (as well my parenting, work etc.) because it’s a core part of my life, but you don’t have to engage with this part if you don’t want too. 

I have never written a journal, will this course work for me?

Absolutely! This would make a great introduction to journalling, whether you decided to set up a daily practice or just focus on the Life Book categories

How long will it take?

I take a while to work through the process, usually the whole month and sometimes longer. It’s the perfect cosy winter activity- I love doing it listening to favourite music, tucked under blankets with a cup of hot tea steaming away nearby. Taking the process slowly is also useful if you are juggling a lot. You might get it done in one sitting (we have in the past, pre kids- ha) or you might stop and start all month. The important thing is not to force it.