Kino Vino Supper Club and Dinner Party styling workshops.

I absolutely working with Alissa who runs Kino Vino, a supper club that pairs food with film. Our latest collaboration saw me styling the Kino Vino Rome, supper club for 50 people.  The brief was rustic, Autumnal with hints of glam. Perfect! Alissa has written some lovely words about working with me on her blog. (Thank you Alissa!)

I also run dinner party styling workshops with Kino Vino too and have run 3 over last last few months. I cover tips for entertaining at home as well as tips and styling tricks to lay a beautiful table too, with demonstrations and floral arranging tips too. I love these workshops! 

25 Beautiful homes

I wrote about the beautiful home of Jo and Kate in the March 2016 issue of 25 Beautiful Homes. The flat is quite compact but clever use of colour and storage means it feels  much more spacious. I fell in love with the hints of blush pink! Genius to use a couple of pages of the FT to bring some colour in. It's given me lots of ideas! Photography by Kristy Noble.