Crank your mind back to the late summer days of September when the sun still shone warm, sandals were still necessary foot wear and Hollyhocks, Zinea's and Dahlia's were still abundant; thats when I styled a series of scenes at the wonderful Abbey Physic Garden for Lights4Fun. It was shot by the wonderful Kristy Noble, and is one of my favourite shoots to date. The first scene was rustic and neutral with log stools, stonewashed linens, enamel plates, wooden boards and white festoon lights. The second was super bright; florals, paper pompoms, brightly coloured textiles, Mexican bunting, and rainbow bright festoons. The last was warm and cosy with lots of blankets on a bench in a willow arc by the pond. Most of the day was spent setting everything up, ready to shoot slightly manically in the golden hour light which only last for about 40 mins. Phew!