A Soulful gathering: Simple ideas to host 2 or 200

A Soulful Gathering: simple ideas to host 2 or 200.

A Soulful Gathering: simple ideas to host 2 or 200 is an e book written by me, stylist and blogger Hannah Bullivant. It’s 130 beautiful pages of inspiration and guidance to help you to host your own gatherings with soul. It contains all of the styling and hosting tips i’ve built up over the last 5 years (well, far longer than that actually!) and lots of the things I wish i’d be told years ago!

This guide is less about meeting social conventions, creating perfectly styled dinner parties, the correct placement of cutlery, and a lot more focussed on the joys of bringing the people you love together; whether thats 2 or 200, whether you’re introverted or the biggest extrovert around, whether you live in a tiny flat or a huge home. Whether you have no budget or unlimited.  Whilst the focus of the guide is the people and community, I also include tons of actionable and practical tips for styling and hosting.

This guide is for you if you want:

  • To create beautiful intimate dinners for your loved ones.

  • Know-how on styling larger events and parties.

  • To know how to style and host a gathering on any budget.

  • Hosting tips for introverts and extroverts alike.

  • To feel confident hosting dinners in your home, from planning to clear-up.

  • Tips and ‘hacks’ for entertaining.

  • To take the stress out of hosting.

  • Wisdom on styling and making an event that bit more magical.

  • Clear instructions, practical lists, DIY tricks and pointers.

A Soulful Gathering
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Topics covered:

  • Creating a brief 

  • Specific tips for planning and preparation

  • The five key bases you need to touch to create a soulful event

  • The most important part of putting on a gathering 

  • How to choose a theme

  • Styling through the seasons

  • How to choose flowers and natural elements 

  • What to do with flowers- tutorials and tips

  • How I keep calm and grounded in advance of hosting

  • Food ideas and ‘hacks’

  • Gathering with children

  • Dress any space to make it welcoming, comfortable and beautiful

  • Stress free hosting

Trouble shooting topics covered:

  • Small space solutions

  • Hosting an eco minded gathering

  • Dealing with dietary requirements

  • Hosting on a low/no budget

  • Hosting in a not very beautiful space

  • Keeping stress and overwhelm at bay

  • Conversation starters to break the ice

The details:

It costs £11 and you can pay directly using the link above. I am donating 5% of all profits to Canterbury’s Christmas Dinner for Care Leavers, an amazing project I have been involved with since last year. You can use Paypal or a card payment. You will be sent a link to download a PDF. The PDF has been designed to have clickaable chapter links so you can navigate around it more easily. Please respect the copyright and the work I have put into this and don’t copy or forward on. Please however do share if you have found it useful : )

I am so proud of this guide and hope it can be a helpful resource for you. If you have any questions, send me an email.