Kino Vino Supper Club and Dinner Party styling workshops.

I absolutely working with Alissa who runs Kino Vino, a supper club that pairs food with film. Our latest collaboration saw me styling the Kino Vino Rome, supper club for 50 people.  The brief was rustic, Autumnal with hints of glam. Perfect! Alissa has written some lovely words about working with me on her blog. (Thank you Alissa!)

I also run dinner party styling workshops with Kino Vino too and have run 3 over last last few months. I cover tips for entertaining at home as well as tips and styling tricks to lay a beautiful table too, with demonstrations and floral arranging tips too. I love these workshops! 

Ideal Home: Sara Tasker

I have a new feature out in the May issue of Ideal Home, out now featuring the, frankly to-die-for, home of blogger, writer and photographer Sara Tasker. Sara, Rory and Orla live in an idyllic village in Yorkshire. Sara constantly strives for a simpler life and their home (and its location) is testament to this- all the walls are white and the family are constantly working to reduce their possessions. I can vouch for how calm it feels inside, and found Sara and Rory's combination of natural textures really inspiring. 

Photography Kristy Noble, Styling and writing: Hannah Bullivant