Easy and Quick Alternative to Sew on School Labels

Davina here - This week my daughter Elfie started Kindergarten at our local Steiner School and so I had the job for the first time of sewing on name labels to her clothing. It tooks AGES!!!!! I couldn't believe how hard some of the materials were to sew through and it made me think there must be an alternative.  I then remembered my rubber stamped secret messages in clothes tutorial and thought why not rubber stamp a child's name onto clothing instead - that would be so much quicker! So I tried it out the next day and it worked well. 

Trick to save time:

Tape the letters that spell out your child's name together using masking tape and use as one stamp. If you can't tape together the whole name because letters are repeated (like I couldn't do Elfie due to needing two Es) then split into two mini stamps - this will still save time!

Note: Don't Forget to iron the print (for 1 minute) once it has dried to set it and you must use a fabric based ink pad. I like Yellow Owl Workshop's multi purpose pads.