Davina's Baby Wish List

Davina here:  When it comes to buying things for baby number 2 its a very different experience from the first baby as so many of the things you needed to buy last time you already have. However, of course its still very special to buy and make a few new things for the new baby. We don't need to buy a new cot for example and we didn't think we'd need a new buggy but it turns out we do as our much beloved second hand bugaboo bee broke last week after a 7 year long life - being walked for several miles most days (we don't have a car). So now we are thinking about what our dream new buggy might be and Nick might be able to fulfill his dream of having the black bugaboo bee, which he refers to as the 'Stealth Buggy'! If we do buy it we will most likely buy it second hand as they last so long and of course it will save a lot of money. 

I thought it might be useful to share my list of baby products that I really want to buy specially for baby number 2 and explain why.

  1. Organic Cotton Ergo Sling - Probably my favourite baby related purchase that I bought last last time! I so loved my Ergo and used it until Elfie was 3! Its unbelievably comfortable and so cosy and really feels like it supports your back. We have the sports Ergo now, which is great as lightweight and easy to adjust straps but I'd love a 100% cotton one for a newborn. 
  2. Skip and Hop Baby Changer - We had one of these last time (and sadly lost it when we moved house) and it was a saver! Especially good if you are using the sling and therefore don't have a buggy to throw changing bag in. Also as we used cloth nappies it was great to have a mat that took up little space as the cloth nappies are more bulky than paper ones. 
  3.  Merino Wool Sleeping Bag - I have been searching everything for a sleeping bag with a natural filling - all the others are filled with polyester. 
  4. Donna Wilson Bunny Family Print - I love  this print with the two siblings with their mama!
  5. Marimekko Baby suit - Just because its so cute!!!
  6. JellyCat Bunny as comforter (last time we were given a beautiful cashmere toy, which we never knew whether was meant to be a mouse or bear so we named it MouseBear and Elfie can't be parted with it. It causes a lot of stress as we can't replace it if it was to be lost and we are constantly repairing it due to its fragility being handknitted. This time we want to use a soft toy that we can buy 2/3 of and will wash easily and last a good few years.
  7. An Iglu Wooden play gym that you can customise what you hang on and is super simple and attractive unlike most of the high street multi coloured and textured ones. 
  8. An all black Bugaboo Bee+ - (well this is Nick's wish and now they don't sell the khaki green one I'm not sure what else I would pick..)

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