Baby on Board High Visibility Cycling Vest

My very good friend Nadine came round last week with a special pregnancy gift for me: a Baby On Board High Visibility Cycling Vest, which she made. Nadine is pregnant herself - two weeks ahead of me, which is so exciting and lovely as it means we can not only go through the pregnancy together but also we will be on maternity leave at the same time! Yes!

It was so funny when I found out she was pregnant as I'd always said that I'd wait to have my second until she had her first and I did. 

Nadine's Romantic Bike Story

Nadine is a passionate cyclist and rides to work everyday of the week. She also cycled to her own wedding reception and was proposed to with a beautiful custom made bike crafted by her now husband at his bike studio Union Cycle Works.

Nadine & Toby with their engagement bikes shortly after he proposed!

Nadine & Toby with their engagement bikes shortly after he proposed!

Her husband made a matching one for himself too, which they refer to as their engagement bikes (so sweet!!!!). There was no way she was going to stop cycling when she was pregnant and she actually announced her pregnancy on instagram with a picture of her first custom made Baby On Board Cycling Vest.  I loved it straight away and asked her to show me how to make one but luckily for me instead she showed up last week with one she'd made for me. The vest has drawn a lot of attention and it appears there is a real demand for one on the market in the UK so Nadine has now decided to make a batch of them and offer them for sale here.

I wore my vest for the first time this week to cycle locally to pregnancy yoga and it felt so liberating to be on the bike again and I did feel a lot safer. I was really conscious of motorists making more space around me as they drove near me and I just felt more confident in myself that I was visible.  I am also excited about being able to wear it when I start to cycle with the new baby on the front of the bike with one of these amazing baby seats I saw in Holland.