Quick and Easy to Make Thank You Mini Gifts

Davina here - For both my pregnancies I have tried to be quite confident in asking people for seats on public transport - especially once my bump started to show. Both times I thought it would be really nice to make something for people to say thank you for giving up their seat for me - especially at rush hour when you know they really want it! I decided this time I am going to do it - even if people think I am weird - who cares - its a nice gesture. I didn't want to give anything too big or expensive so in the end decided on sweets (chocolate might melt in this weather). 

Inspired by Hannah I decided to use my Trodat stamp machine to print 'Thank You For Your Seat' on wrappers, mini boxes and hand made envelopes (I used an envelope template) but in the end likes the envelopes the best so made loads of them and stuffed them with peppermints.