Pressing Flowers to Make Souvenirs from Holidays (and other ideas)

Davina here - We recently went on our annual family trip to Norfolk with Nick's family. We always spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring hidden beaches and collecting natural treasures as well as lots of time in tea rooms! I decided to take our flower press with us this year as Elfie has just started to really enjoy using it. We collected some flowers from nearby our holiday cottage and pressed them that day. When we returned to London we made them into simple Thank You Cards for Nick's parents, which also act as a souvenir from the holiday. 

Other ways to use Pressed Flowers:

  • Make a floral collage and frame them as a gift
  • Spell out a message with the flowers or petals
  • Trap them in resin and make a paper weight
  • Laminate them to make bookmarks 
  • Stick flowers down onto acetate to make window decorations
  • Laminate and cut out and stick on blank earring studs as gifts
  • Stick down onto jam jars to make beautiful candle holders

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them as we are really getting into flower pressing at the moment!

Some of the beautiful flowers we found in Norfolk

Some of the beautiful flowers we found in Norfolk