Transforming tiny Natural Treasures into Large Magical Artworks

Nature Art 05.jpg

Davina here - Last weekend I ran a nature inspired workshop at the new Dairy Art Centre in Bloomsbury for families. During the workshop I invited families to find natural treasures in the gallery's garden and bring them back to capture in old fashioned slides. I also encouraged participants to embellish their treasures with drawing ink before sealing the slide. Next we went into a dark room and projected their micro specimens into beautiful abstract artworks. The transformation was stunning and very magical for the whole family. 

How to make your own magical nature artworks:

  1. Source an old slide machine (or overhead projector) and empty slide frames and acetate sheets.
  2. Cut out acetate squares the right size to fit into your slide frames - making sure they won't block the clicking snaps.
  3. Explore your garden or a park and gather tiny natural treasures with your children.
  4. Place one acetate square in slide and then lay treasure on it (make sure the treasure is quite flat - a pebble wouldn't work for example)
  5. Add ink if you desire.
  6. Lay second acetate sheet down to trap treasure and close slide frame.
  7. Project your artwork!!
Nature Art 02.jpg