Davina's Home in this Month's Mollie Makes

Davina here - I am so thrilled to have my family home featured in Mollie Makes this month as part of their home tour series. It feel completely crazy seeing pictures of our house in one of my favourite magazines - I still can't quite believe that Mollie Makes wanted to feature us but I feel so honoured that they did. I don't think Nick and I will ever feel like the house is ready - this year alone we plan to do a lot of work to the house in preparation for baby number 2 - I will keep you updated on the blog as big changes to come including a loft conversion hopefully.

Elfie was so excited to see pictures of herself, Nick and I in the magazine and straight afterwards she asked to find pictures of Hannah and Frankie, which I thought was very sweet! I don't think she really understands what a magazine is yet though..

This shoot is actually quite important in terms of Seeds and Stitches as you may have noticed Hannah wrote the words for the piece. The photographs were taken late last summer and by then it was too late to publish in print as Autumn was on its way so it was decided to keep them for the following summer. Hannah and I already knew each other through our blogs but the shoot gave un as opportunity to get to know each other better and then sparked me to ask her to collaborate with me later that year so you could say it was the catalyst for merging our blogs. 

If you haven't got a copy yet you can buy one here. Hope you enjoy it!