5 Months Pregnant - Monthly Diary

Davina here - I can't believe I am half way already! How quickly the last month has gone. I can only imagine the second half of the pregnancy will go even quicker.

Feeling the Baby Move:
This last month has been a really good pregnancy month for me. I have felt really well physically (no first trimester sickness at all) and excitedly I have been feeling the baby kick - a lot!! I think I felt it for the first time around 17 weeks this time and it's been very consistent every day more or less since. I feel the baby move the most in the evening when I am resting and  watching a show or in bed reading a book. When I start to feel the baby move I tend to find myself ignoring what else I am doing and just focusing on the amazing little movements - I just find it so incredible to feel this little life inside me. In fact, I remember strangely missing it last time when Elfie was born - its just the most magical feeling. During the last week I have also seen the movements - which didn't happen last time till much later - shows how little stomach muscle I must have!

How I have been feeling emotionally:
I have always struggled a little with the concept of motherhood guilt - the guilt mothers talk about in regards to not giving their children enough time or losing it with them etc (of course this relates to fathers too). I found the concept hard as I just believe as a mother you give so much that you need to be selfish to ensure you give yourself something and motherhood guilt can limit this self giving. However, recently for the first time in a strong way I have been feeling it. I feel like I am not giving this new baby enough time and thought. I haven’t started to make the baby anything yet, I haven't bought it anything yet and I haven't started pregnancy yoga yet - something I did with Elfie from 15 weeks. I just don't seem to have the headspace for planning for this new baby. Has anybody else felt this way? I can only imagine its common with second babies?

Maternity Wear:
Although I said I haven't bought anything for the baby yet I have bought myself some maternity clothes, which felt like such an exciting treat to celebrate the pregnancy and my ever growing little bump. My favourite purchase are these maternity shorts from JoJo Maman Bebe  - I love wearing shorts all year round (in particular I love wearing them with colourful tights and ankle boots) so really happy to have finally found a pair I love. 

If you have found any extra good maternity finds please do let me know!

Next month I will be able to reveal the gender of the baby as have my 22 week scan coming up soon!


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