Strawberry Picking in Essex

Davina here - last weekend Nick and I took Elfie strawberry picking for the first time. Its something we both have fond memories of from our own childhoods in the summer and were excited to introduce Elfie to- plus of course all three of us absolutely love strawberries! 

We researched different farms that were short drives from our home in Brockley, South East London and in the end chose a farm in Essex, which was about an hour drive. The farm we chose was Lathcoats Farm, which is run by two brothers who are the third generation of their family to grow fruit there - amazing. 

Lathcoats Farm specialises in apples, it had over 40 varieties but also grows strawberries and other berries. It has very much taken on a role as a destination for families and has a cafe, a play area, farm animals and a farm shop. We stopped to have lunch there, which was nice and very family orientated (great kids menu etc) and their afternoon tea looked delicious. Elfie really enjoyed picking the strawberries but to be honest was maybe more excited about the baby micro goats and the toy tractors! 

I would really recommend going there if you get the chance - the cost of the strawberries works out similar to buying them in the supermarket so don’t go there to save money but to enjoy the experience and get hold of some utterly delicious fresh and ripe strawberries. And if you do you can then make our June Recipe Cake - Almond and Fresh Strawberries Victoria Sponge.