Celebrating Spring: Making May Day Floral Baskets with Children


On May Day I saw Lou from The Little Green Shed's lovely post on May Day Posies, a tradition I'd never come across before and absolutely loved as soon as I saw it! In simple the idea is that you leave a little bunch of flowers on the doors of your friends' houses as a little celebration of the warm weather coming. May Day itself was a Thursday this week and I was working and it was a horrible rainy day so I decided if the weather was better at the weekend Elfie and I would invent our own May Day as the first sunny day of May!

To make sure Elfie was fully involved from the beginning I took Elfie to the flower market in Lewisham and let her choose flowers for the bouquets. 


10 Steps to Make May Day Floral Baskets with Children:

  1. If possible go flower shopping with your child to include them from the beginning.
  2. With your child decorate a large sheet of paper (we used brown parcel paper) - we draw around flowers.
  3. Cut the paper up into roughly A4 sizes.
  4. Roll into cones and secure with washi tape (or any tape).
  5. Cut off the top to make flat (see pictures)
  6. Place a piece of masking tape on the back (on the inside) and hole punch that area (the tape is to make it stronger). You can also add a little note here to your friend.
  7. String some twine through the hole (you will use this to tie to your friends' doors)
  8. Trim the flowers and remove leaves and place in piles of set flowers.
  9. Make your posies and wrap bottom in foil to keep together.
  10. Place in paper cones and deliver to your friends doors with your child!