Celebrating Spring: How to Make An Easter Bread Ring


Davina: This year for the first time we baked an Easter Bread Ring for our Easter breakfast, which I discovered in the All Year Round book (which I really recommend!).  All three of us got involved and it was long in the planning. Elfie and I collected egg shaped pebbles whilst in Devon in March, Elfie mixed the bread mix, we all kneaded it, Nick and I plaited it and Elfie covered the pebbles in foil and dropped them onto the bread ring. 

The tradition:

The concept is to bake a plaited ring of bread and to place foiled covered egg shaped pebbles on the bread to create egg cups within the bread - one for each family member. The tradition is to make it with your children on the Saturday and lay the table in a basic way with the children on the Saturday evening in preparation for Easter Sunday breakfast. When the children are asleep you can then add decorated eggs to the bread egg cups and place a candle in the centre of the ring and flowers (the idea is to pretend that the fairies have done this, which I so love!). I decided to change this a little and I added candles in the shape of eggs in our bread egg cups and just flowers in the middle.

Easy 6 step guide to make your own Easter Bread Ring:

  1. Make the bread dough - I just used Allinson Easy Bake Bread Recipe for Hand Baking with Easy Bake Yeast - the recipe comes at the back of the yeast packet and was the perfect amount of dough.
  2. Once well kneaded split dough into four portions and start to work each one into a long sausage shape for the plaiting.
  3. Now plait your four strands - I simply stuck the four edges together and placed the strand furthest away over the next three and then repeated until no dough left. You could do a more complicated plait where you weave it in and out but there really is no need.
  4. Wrap peebles the size and shape of an egg in kitchen foil and place one for each member of the family in the bread evening distributed. 
  5. Cover in cling film and allow to rest for 45 minutes.
  6. Bake with pebbles still in place (make sure they are pushed down well)

After our breakfast we painted hard boiled eggs and went to our local park (in the rain) and rolled eggs down the hill - the idea is to see who's egg does not break and they win, which is an old Scottish Easter tradition. 

Elfie's eggs

Elfie's eggs