Baby Number 2 News!


Davina here - I have some lovely news that I have been yearning to share for months now: I am pregnant with baby number 2! I am already 15 weeks but wanted to wait a bit longer than the standard 12 weeks to share on the blog after Nick and I had a previous miscarriage at 11.5 weeks just before Elfie (One day soon I will post about this in some details as I still feel its a taboo subject and needs to be talked about more). 

Telling Elfie:

Nick, Elfie and I are all so excited about the pregnancy. Nick was a bit nervous to tell Elfie as he thought she might be upset or jealous but I knew she would be delighted and she was! We decided to wait till our 12 week scan to tell her as we felt it would be too confusing to tell her earlier if something was to then go wrong. We had our scan late one afternoon and were looking forward to picking her up from her childminder together and telling her when we got home. Unfortunately that idea really did not work out at all! She was in a foul mood when we picked her up - we think she must have just been really exhausted and Nick and I didn't even need to communicate with each other - we both just knew not to tell her that night.  

The next morning after a good 12 hours sleep she was back to her normal cheerful self and was in bed with us and eating a mini cereal bar (it was a treat for getting 3 stars for sleeping in till the sun comes out on her Gro Clock) and we decided to tell her. We told her we had a special surprise for her and that mummy had a baby in her tummy for 'us' and that the baby would be her baby sister or brother. Before saying anything she broke her cereal bar into two and put one half in my belly button! It was the loveliest thing I could have imagined. She then kissed my stomach and said she loved the baby. Since then she has been really positive about the pregnancy and asks to kiss my tummy everyday. So far so good. I know it will likely be more challenging once the baby is born but I am so pleased she is excited about it. 

Deciding to try for Baby Number 2:

Although Nick and I are both really happy to be pregnant - especially as we were so lucky to fall pregnant quite quickly - it wasn't an easy decision to start trying for baby number 2. Elfie is 3 and a bit now and life has got a lot easier - we both have a lot of time for our work, our friends and each other and this matters to us. We both are lucky enough to love our jobs and both do need a lot of time to ourselves - I guess you could rightly say we are both quite selfish people but I don't mind that because I think its good that we both know what we need to keep happy. So the idea of having two children was daunting for us. We were and still are worried it may take us over the edge of a healthy parent/work/life balance and I can so understand why some people choose to have only one child. However, for us we decided we needed to listen to our hearts and not our heads. We both love being parents and deep down couldn't imagine not going through the wonder of it all again and not providing a sibling for Elfie so we gathered all the courage that one needs for parenting and decided to do it! 


Last year Nick and I went on a child free 5 day holiday to New York - which was so amazing and so good for us. Whilst we were there we couldn't resist buying this beautiful hand screen printed Winter Water Factory baby grow for our future child (it was a strange thing to do as we were no where near to being ready to start trying again). I guess the fact we bought it meant that we were always going to have a second - we just didn't know when. Its been in my cupboard for over a year now and I am so excited that one day soon I will be able to get it out again!