2 Easy Halloween Bakes for Kids to Enjoy

Bat Biscuit Game:

Davina here - I posted this last year but wanted to share it again on the new blog as its one of my favourite annual bake traditions. Elfie and I love baking together and so a couple of years ago I tried to think of things we could bake together for halloween. As a child I loved the party ring biscuit game (where you hang ring biscuits on string and children try to eat them off without using their hands). I thought it would be fun to play on halloween but with halloween biscuits instead. Bats seemed the best idea as they fly and therefore it would make more sense to have them hanging in the air - as if flying. We just used a simple shortbread recipe as quick and easy and everyone loves shortbread! 

Black Cat Cookie Halloween Goodie Bags

Elfie is a bit young for sweets  - we do allow her to have a little treat most days (like good quality chocolate or biscuits etc) but no sweets so I don't like the idea of buying lots of sweets to give to trick or treaters on Halloween so instead last year we made lots of chocolate cookies to give out. We made them chocolate so they would be darker and look more black cat like. I also made a rubber stamp the same shape as the cookie cutter and Elfie stamped it onto paper bags to put the cookies in. Here is my tutorial to make your own rubber stamp incase you decide to do the same. 

What are your plans for Halloween? I normally host a party but this year we are in the middle of a kitchen renovation so no party here. We'd love to hear any ideas for things you are making for Halloween. 

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