About me

Hello! Hannah Bullivant | Seeds and Sttches blog

I am Hannah Bullivant; writer, stylist, mum, feminist and nature lover. 

After living in London for 10 years, me, my husband Dave (a clever director) and our now 5 year old Frankie-Rose moved from Brockley in South East London to Faversham in Kent. My dream with this little corner of the internet is to be able to share the ways we are trying to live more seasonally, joyfully and stylishly too. I am documenting my journey from fun, slightly chaotic, London to living, to a slower, wilder life that is far more connected to mother nature. 

I am a freelance events and interiors stylist with published work in The Guardian, Homes & Antiques, Mollie Makes magazine, and many more. See more of my work here.

About my blog

My blog is all about my love of soulful interiors, living creatively and celebrating the seasons. I'll share snippets of my family life, inspirational interiors and our seasonal celebrations. 

Why celebrate the seasons?

Not only is it fun to find things to celebrate, aside from Birthdays and Christmas, it is also good- and necessary- for us to be more aligned with what’s happening in nature; to eat seasonally, to be sympathetic to our natural environment, to look after the birds. Crafting, preparing and enjoying these seasonal celebrations is often precious family time, and helps children to learn about mother nature and appreciating and looking after the planet. Celebrating Mayday or mid-summer or Autumn helps us to notice and appreciate the quiet little things that are all around us all the time. It helps us to be present, mindful and thankful. It also brings a bit of magic to our kids’ childhood, and, to be honest, to our adulthoods too.

Work with me

If you're interested in hiring me to style your products or events, please contact me directly at hpbullivant at gmail.com 

Thank you!