November Styling The Seasons, and embracing Winter.

November Styling the Seasons | Seeds and Stitches blog

Things are starting to feel decidedly Christmassy around here. I’d like to tell you that it’s the influence of my 3 year old, but that would be a lie. She seems vaguely excited at the prospect of gifts, but really rather oblivious about the whole thing. We are focussing on the seasonal aspect of Christmas; the solstice, and what’s happening outside which I suppose is why. I on the other hand, although outwardly composed and sufficiently grown up about it, am internally running around in excited circles and throwing glitter and pine needles in an rainbow arc above my head. We’re off to Bolton this weekend to have a mini Christmas with my family, so i’ve been busy buying and making gifts and wrapping and gathering materials. My mincemeat and Christmas puddings are done and I have also prepped quite a few Christmas posts too. This is so unheard of, and quite frankly, out of character, that I feel I deserve some sort of trophy. 

What I’m trying to say is that things have been feeling festive around here for a while, as it should. Anything that helps us to focus on the brilliance of Winter should be encouraged: it's life affirming and also SAD banishing. It actually feels good to celebrate winter greenery and candle light, and dark cosy nights. 

Since the Sisterhood Winter Supper a couple of weeks ago, which I styled, I haven’t been able to resist starting to style some wintery/christmassy goodness into my home. My mantle has looked like this for a couple of weeks now, and will probably look pretty much the same in December too. It is basically lots of handmade wreathes from the sisterhood supper,  clipped with vintage candle clips from eBay. My current obsession is beeswax candles. They smell divine and burn beautifully, with none of the chemicals in most normal candles. The stumpy shaped ones were £3 and £5  a pair from Frankie-Rose’s Advent fair at her Steiner school (bargain! I snapped them up!) and the little beeswax candles in the clips are German, and from eBay. 

There may or may not have been a small fire during the shooting of this photo.... eek! I learned that candle clips are lovely but only on really big wreathes! So they'll stay unlit until I make a bigger wreath! When I texted this to my friends, one of them, Jo, didn't miss a beat, replying with #natureinthehome . Touche. 

There may or may not have been a small fire during the shooting of this photo.... eek! I learned that candle clips are lovely but only on really big wreathes! So they'll stay unlit until I make a bigger wreath! When I texted this to my friends, one of them, Jo, didn't miss a beat, replying with #natureinthehome . Touche. 

November Styling the Seasons | Seeds and Stitches blog
November Styling the Seasons | Seeds and Stitches blog

And here is my winter flat lay for this months Styling The seasons challenge; a Make Light Studio and Styling The Seasons Flat Lay. 

November Styling the Seasons | Seeds and Stitches blog

Happy November to you! May winter's brilliance be with you. 

Booking now open for our January themed workshop!

Seeds and Stitches Herbal Workshop | Seeds and Stitches blog

After much talk and planning, we are beyond thrilled to announce the dates for our first ever Seeds and Stitches workshop, following our test workshop last month. :)

January: a fresh new year, new resolutions and plans to detox… Let us help you do so in a healthy, natural, and sustainable way.

Our first workshop is on the 16th January in South East London.  Januarys workshop will focus on resolutions and detoxing. The workshop will begin with a herbal foraging walk around Hilly Fields in Brockley led by herbalist Natahsa Richardson, where we will look at the properties of plants and herbs that help us to detox. We will also taste the herbs as we go using preparations Natasha has made herself.

The workshop will be followed by fresh herbal tea and homemade cake at Davina’s house in South East London where we will then discuss resolutions, and the value of having one simple mantra or goal for the year. We will make this into a felt resolution banner (pic below) to remind us  of this through the year. If there is time, we will also make detoxing herbal bath tea bags. 

We would love for you to join us for our first ever workshop!

This would make a wonderful Christmas present for a friend, or for yourself. Book something lovely for January to get you through what can be a tricky month for some. 

The cost for the workshop is £40, but if you buy two tickets then the cost is £70, £35 each. After first opening this workshop first to our newsletter subscribers, there is only one pair of the reduced tickets left and a a couple of singles (wow!), so be quick if you want to join us! and if you haven't already, don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to receive news of future workshops, events and general loveliness. 

To book click the Eventbrite link below. 

Eventbrite - January herb walk and Resolution banner making

Love from, 
Hannah, Davina and Natasha.

Preparing the bedroom for winter: A bedroom make over with LinenMe

A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog

Temperatures have plummeted this weekend. The icy grip of the cold wind has managed to worm it's way through all my layers on numerous occasions. The air smells crisp, with the occasional heady waft of woodsmoke, murmurations of starlings gather, twist and flow above me, and I silently herald the start of the cold season. Welcome, winter! and welcome to the start of our winter themed posts. 

My warm cosy bed calls to me extra provocatively during the cold winter months- a call I endeavour to answer as much as and as lavishly as possible; preferably with hot tea and a good book. And so a few weeks ago when Autumn began it’s slow turn into Winter, I turned my decorating efforts to the bedroom, to ensure it was winter ready; to create a little winter haven of warmth and calm. 

When we moved house over a year ago, I had every intention of sharing the renovation and decoration process with you, but since this post, written a few weeks after we moved into a definitely unfinished house, I haven’t shared anything. Partly because of time, partly because of the pressure (I’m an interiors stylist! It has to look amazing!) but I am relenting today to share some pictures of our new bedroom with you, the only finished room in the house.

No self respecting makeover would be complete without a before photo; the more gruesome the better, and I have a particularly GROSS one for you (I give and I give). Here it is. (prepare yourselves!)

Bedroom before pic | Seeds and Stitches blog

Nope, not a squat, although you’d be forgiven for believing it to be. I made it small so's not to induce mild panic attacks.  When we got the keys, the bedroom walls were covered in wood chip wallpaper which we promptly removed, and then ran out of time to do anything else. So we moved into a room that had bare plaster walls, cardboard for curtains and a bed much too big for the room.  And now the after. Nice big photo's...*breathe*

A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog
A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog

Heres what we did:

  • After we removed the wood chip wallpaper (horror of horrors), a friend re-plastered the walls,  then we painted it bright white. 
  • I love my red bed but it is far too big for our tiny bedroom so I swapped beds with my Sister in law next door, until we move to a bigger place. We repaired and painted a smaller, pine bed that actually suits the room. A free bed! 
  • The rest of the house is more colourful, but we wanted our bedroom to be a really calm and neutral space. There is nothing in it apart from the bed so it needed to be super cosy and dressed perfectly. We have a duck down duvet cover which might actually be my favourite ever thing (ok, a bit of an exaggeration), it is so cosy and warm! We chose bedlinen from LinenMe in White and Stone colour, and have covered it in luxurious blankets and sheepskins; The dark grey blanket is from WoolMe and the light grey blanket is from Urbanara. The sheepskin is from our local farm shop, MB Farms. 
  • I made the curtain using a White LinenMe flat sheet; the linen is so thick and gorgeous, and it hangs so incredibly beautifully. I realise I’m waxing lyrical about linen and duck down which makes me feel supremely old, but they bring me joy! Joy, I tell you! I only finished the curtain last week. It’s full length and quite full, gathering on the floor a little and it has made such a huge difference to the feel of the bedroom.  We plan to install a thermal black out blind to keep us extra warm (and dark. I am basically a vampire and love love love the dark; the darker the better in fact.)
  • We never have the heating on in the bedroom as we like a cool room, but we are kept warm by our duck down duvet, our beloved hot water bottles and an eco electric blanket which we sometimes use to warm the covers before climbing within (and then switch off during the night). 
  • I tried a few different things above the bed; a large print and some blush pink garlands but have ended up using the Lights4Fun festoons that we’ve had versions of in our bedroom for the last 5 years. They just always look good, and give off a lovely low light. 
  • One bedside table is a big tree trunk from our friend who is a tree surgeon (a very handy friend to have!) and one is one of our trusty apple crates which we’ve had for 10 years now and are always useful.
  • We put an enormous plant next to the bed. It gives life to the room, and purifies the air- important for a bedroom I think. 
  • Lastly, there is always a scented candle in our bedroom, this one is Giant Fir and Juniper, from Toast. 
Calm Bedroom | Seeds and Stitches-10.jpg

So that is our very simple and thrifty bedroom makeover; just in time for winter. 

We have started a silly hashtag with our friend Vicky from Owl and Accordion called #ProjectKeepTheHeatingOff to challenge each other to find other solutions before retreating to the thermostat. It’s not about never putting the heating on; rather it’s about keeping it off for as long as possible. Having a super warm and cosy bed is our way of keeping the heating off all night. Having a 3 year old who frequently climbs in between us and acts like a little radiator helps too. Do feel free to join us on the Instagram hashtag to share your thrifty heating ideas! 

What are you doing to keep warm at home this winter? Are you a cold room/warm bed kinda person?! Do you have heating wars in your home?! (we do!)

A calm, winter-ready bedroom | Seeds and Stitches blog

P.S Newsletter subscribers will have received an invitation to our first ever Seeds and Stitches workshop today! Woohooo! This will be made available more widely some time this week. We are so excited! 

Disclosure: The linens were very kindly gifted, but all opinions are my own. 

Getting older YES, and a birthday trip to Dungeness

Dungeness Birthday Trip | Seeds and Stitches blog

Last month I celebrated turning 31. 

Thirty. One. The number still rolls around my mouth a little oddly; requiring new muscle memory; the purse of the lips, different diction. 

Thirty one. A definitive stride into my thirties. When I stop to think about it- a rare occurrence in the very busy month since my birthday- I actually feel great about it.  Other than some intensely irritating ongoing running injuries that make me feel like my bones are disintegrating, I like myself more and more as I get older. I feel more confident in who I am, and crucially more confident in saying ‘no’. I feel clearer about how to get where I want to get, and what that place should be; whats most important. I also feel less anxious. I give less of a fuck about my appearance, in fact how I am generally perceived by others, something that has crippled me in the past (this has been a looong journey for me. See some thoughts on this here, here, here) I still wobble about all of the above, but to far lesser extent; and when I look back over my shoulder, I am reminded of how much I have changed, and how much I am looking forward to containing to grow and change; to find more things to decide to give no fuck’s about. When I think back to the freneticness and self doubt of my early twenties….there isn’t a sum of money/chocolate imaginable that would make me go back. 

So when I say “celebrate”, I really mean it. On my actual Birthday, over a month ago now,  we spent the day bumbling about in Camber Sands then Dungeness on an unseasonably mild and bright Autumn day. I contemplated peeling my tights off and going for a paddle, but was ultimately too busy having a marvellous time scurrying about with my camera. Both Camber and Dungeness are so utterly beautiful, in entirely different ways. I was in my element attempting to capture the barren landscape of Dungeness, its decrepit fishing huts dotted like warts, somehow beautiful, on the horizon.

I liked this on ageing from The Pool. 

Ageing is one of life’s only certainties and to try to stall it is an always unwinnable task. To attempt to lie your way out of it suggests a degree of self-unacceptance that is terribly saddening. Because amid the wrinkles, the grey hairs, the odd leg twinge and the apocalyptic hangovers, should be one of the ageing process’ overriding attributes: no longer feeling the need to re-shape one’s true self in order to fit in. Lying about age denies us the earned opportunity to chill out about things that just don’t matter – least of all, a mere number.
— Sali Hughes, The Pool

Following our Autumny beach day, I had birthday dinner party in the evening, cooked by Dave, with some of my favourite local women. I cant express the value of these dinner parties. We’ve been having one a month because it feels so good to eat delicious nutritious food and talk and talk and TALK, way too late into the night. We also went away for the weekend to The Welsh House- a trip that will stay with me forever. So yes. I felt CELEBRATED. And I’m feeling good about getting older. 

How do you feel about it?

Embracing The Seasons October Favourites, and a winner!

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We have just spent an enjoyable few hours (it's actually taken days!) scrolling through the #embracingtheseasons feed to choose a winner for the October giveaway with Linen Me. Looking through these pictures reminds us just how similar November and October can be- things still feel decidedly Autumnal around here, albeit with lower temperatures. Autumn really is the most wonderful, technicolour and mist filled season. This has by far been the hardest month to choose a winner however,  I need to find more prizes next time! Feast your eyes on a few of our favourites, and the winner is at the end of the post. 

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The winner, chosen at random (quite literally, Hannah closed her eyes,  scrolled with one finger, and stopped randomly! Very technologically proficient over here ; ) from the first round of selects, is Karen. Congratulations Karen!

We are already loving your November #embracingtheseasons posts, so keep em coming and look out for an exciting giveaway in December.